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Phase VIII - Saving for the Future

The eighth phase of Charlotte FORWARD is the final step towards financial freedom for families who once lived in poverty. It truly moves them up the economic ladder and ends generational poverty for the participating Charlotte FORWARD Families. At this point in the program, the family has experienced a 50%+ increase in their household income through a newfound career, they have improved their credit to sustainable levels, and they have purchased a home. So what's next? 

It's time to break the cycle! This phase of the program ensures that families, and their children, have a brighter future than their past. It includes: 

Complimentary Investment Courses

401k and IRA Mentorship by a dedicated coach

Stocks and Bonds

College Fund guidance

Will & Testament

Each Charlotte FORWARD Family's dedicated Success Coach assists them each step of the way. This ensures that the participating families allocate their disposable income into the right buckets, have a retirement fund, that their children have access to higher education, and that they are left with something to inherit. 

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