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Phase VII - Home Ownership

The American Dream- to own property and a place that you can call home! But only 52% of the population in Charlotte, NC are home owners. What's worse is that a majority of those living in poverty find themselves renting or living in low-income housing. In the seventh phase of Charlotte FORWARD home ownership becomes a reality for those that once saw it as an impossibility. Thanks to our partners at Bulldog Team Homes Realty the families participating in Charlotte FORWARD will receive the following tools at no cost to them. They are one step closer to the American Dream of home ownership. 

Home Ownership 101 Course

A Financial Analysis to determine a target home

Home Search Counseling

Mortgage Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval

Step by step mentorship to purchase a home

Our team of Charlotte FORWARD Mentors, in conjunction with Bulldog Team Home Realty, assist families in making what usually is their very first home purchase with round the clock assistance. 

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