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Queen City Unity and the Simmons YMCA proudly introduce, The Equity Ambassador program. The 8 week course is designed for the youth between 11 years old - 18 years old which attend schools that are not demographically and economically diverse in Charlotte, NC. The program creates a diverse environment for the participating students, and breaks the social barriers that their segregated schools have created. 

A study by NC Justice Center's Education and Law Project in 2017 identified Charlotte-Mecklenburg area schools as the most segregated district in the state of North Carolina. 

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*Data by See full report

The FRL Dissimilarity Index measures the relative separation or integration of groups across all schools in a county. The higher the number, the more segregated those school districts are. The chart above not only illustrates that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are the most segregated in the state of North Carolina. It also shows that the issue has become more prevalent from 2007 to 2017. The problem is getting worse without any signs of improvement. 

The Equity Ambassador Program combats the ongoing effects of segregation in our school system through integration, education, and cultural enrichment. Participating students are selected from a diverse group of Charlotte area schools for an 8 week course. The courses create a diverse environment that is currently not available in their schools, culturally integrates our racially and economically separated students, and teaches them the importance of acceptance and inclusion.

The Curriculum

Equity and Equality Education

Financial Literacy


Conflict Resolution

Goal Setting

Identifying and Managing Bullying

Leadership Development

Do you know a scholar that would benefit from being a part of the Equity Ambassador Program? Simply fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you with the details and next steps. 

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Thank you for applying to learn more about the Equity Ambassador Program. We will be in contact with you shortly.

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