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Phase IX - Mentorship for Life

So what's next for our Charlotte FORWARD Families? Since entering the program they have gone from living in poverty, to making a 100% + AMI (Area Median Income) and having a bright future ahead of them. It is our goal at Queen City Unity for all of our Charlotte FORWARD Families to have access to ongoing counseling. 

Each family's Charlotte FORWARD Success Coach will continue to assist them with the challenges of every day life. That is what makes Charlotte FORWARD special. It is not a course, but rather a lifelong mentorship of the participating families. Only by continuing to monitor their progress and by always having someone by their side can we truly begin to make a dent in our economic upward mobility issues in Charlotte. 

If you would like to assist these families in need we ask that you please consider making a tax-deductible financial contribution. Every little bit helps and you can be a part of the solution. 

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