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From Jorge Millares, Queen City Unity- Executive Director


Due to the recent events that have occurred in Minneapolis, Charlotte, and across the nation, I sent an open letter to the City of Charlotte Mayor, City Council, and the City Manager calling for much needed police reform. The letter described the struggles of our communities of color as it relates to police brutality and condemned the attack by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department of peaceful protestors with chemical agents that occurred on Tuesday, June 2nd on the streets of uptown Charlotte. 


It also included tangible action items that our community has demanded for quite some time to ensure that we transform how we approach community safety and put an end to the death of black and brown men and women at the hands of the police. Here is a copy of the letter. Letter to the Mayor, City Council, and City Manager's Office for Police Reform and Social Justice


I was appalled by the response that I received from the President and CEO of CPI Security. Silence is complicity, and after much thought, we found it necessary to make it public. Here is a screenshot of his response. 


Rather than acknowledge the harm caused by police brutality, excessive use of force, and social injustices, he deflects to black on black crime. Ken Gill’s response is unacceptable, highlights his white privilege and his failure to acknowledge it. It also shows his refusal to acknowledge the struggles of black and brown communities and the countless murders of minorities at the hands of the police. The tactic to deflect blatant police brutality to black on black crime is irresponsible, disgusting, and one that is consistently utilized by white supremacists. Also, his history of supporting oppressive policies and racist politicians are well documented. 


Ken, to ignore the centuries of oppression of people of color puts your character in question and shows us who you really are. Not to mention the deafening silence from you and your organization in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and so many other social injustices. We hear you loud and clear, Ken Gill. 


I’ve always believed what Maya Angelou said-- "When people show you who they are, believe them". You sir, are part of the problem and the reason why millions are protesting around the world. It is people like you that fan the flames of racism and continue to get in the way of social justice. We will not stand for it!


As a result, we are calling for a complete boycott of CPI Security in the Carolinas and the other 6 states where the company operates. If you have CPI, we urge you to cancel it. If you're thinking of getting CPI, just know that when you place that yard sign in your front lawn you're telling people of color "I Don't Care About You". And for the sports teams such as the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets, we ask that you consider severing ties with CPI and Kenneth Gill.  The days of remaining silent and letting racially charged and oppressive comments slide are done and over with. We will no longer tolerate it and refuse to support companies like CPI whose leadership lacks acceptance, equity, and a belief of equality for all.



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