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Queen City Unity to provide over 500 foster children in Charlotte with winter clothes

CHARLOTTE, NC [Nov. 11, 2017]Local nonprofit organization, Queen City Unity, has partnered with Mecklenburg Guardian ad Litem and their foundation for the Coats, Socks, and PJ Drive of 2017. There are currently over 500 children in foster care in the city of Charlotte with a future clouded with uncertainty. Queen City Unity plans to keep them all warm this winter and give them a sense of belonging.

There are typically a plethora of clothe drives around this time of year. So what makes the Queen City Unity Coats, Socks, and PJ Drive different? The organization has picked up over 10,000 pounds of donations during the past month from all over the city, and the donors were not required to go to a drop off location. It was as simple as filling out an online form, scheduling a pick up date and time, and placing the donations on your doorstep.

“This day and age, convenience is the catalyst to taking action,” said Jamal Harvey, Director of Outreach for Queen City Unity. “We came across so many donors that either didn’t have the time to go to drop off locations or lacked the means of transportation to do so, and this donation pick up program allowed them to contribute this year. Our intentions were to make it easily accessible for everyone to donate and help children in dire need.”  The organization collected donations from incremental donors that may have not been able to contribute, and the organizers were overwhelmed with the response that they received from the community.


The life of a foster child is extremely challenging. Most of these children are in transition while their parents are in a correctional facility, in a drug rehabilitation center, or they have simply left their child behind. “These children often do not have anything that they can call their own,” said Rhonda McGuire, Guardian ad Litem Program Specialist. “We are thrilled that the people of this wonderful city came together to donate coats and new pajamas for them. These children will know that there are people in their communities who care about their well-being and future.”

Queen City Unity will be presenting the donations to Mecklenburg Guardian ad Litem and their foundation on Wednesday, November 15th at 4:00 pm in front of the Government Center in Uptown Charlotte. The event is open to the public and anyone can attend.

For more information on Queen City Unity and how you can get involved, visit If you are interested in becoming and advocate for foster children in Charlotte you can visit

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