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how do we unite charlotte?



CommUNITY Events: The definition of "Unity" is "the state of being united or joined as a whole". What better way to unite the people of the Queen City than by literally bringing people together. Queen City Unity intends to host a plethora of multicultural community festivals in Charlotte. The festivals will include music, food, beverages, and people from all walks of life. From country music, to hip hop, to Latin salsa music, etc. To good old country home cooking, souls food, Latin cuisine, Asian food, etc. By coming together in the name of unity and experiencing each others' cultures we are sure to begin mending any cultural divide that currently exists in Charlotte.


Unity Ambassador Programs: Queen City Unity creates and leads community programs that promote diversity and inclusion in our community. These programs provide diversity education for our citizens, law enforcement officers, and the youth. We also provide safe forums for people in the community to share feedback with those who police their neighborhoods, in order to keep the lines of communication open. Our volunteer Unity Ambassadors will be designated to their respective districts. Within those districts they will host events that bring people of all backgrounds, cultures, and sexual orientation together. Queen City Unity tackles community issues from a grassroots level, and with the involvement of the community. Only by coming together can we make a difference.


Outreach/Community Involvement: One of our major goals is to become a major resource for other non-profits in the community by partnering up with other organizations. If they are in need of helping hands, we will be that resource. Our Unity Ambassadors will devote a lot of their time towards participating in events hosted by other non-profits in an effort to help them achieve their community goals. Any time that a non-profit is in need of people, we will be there to help in the name of Unity and intend to be a central point of contact for all. 


Diversity Education: The enemy of unity is lack of education. People are afraid of the unknown and that leads to fear. Fear ultimately leads to stereotypes and eventually hate. Via vlogs and blogs, we intend to educate the local community on different perspectives from all sides. We are certain that this will begin to make headway in our mission of uniting our city. Queen City Unity intends to be an information hub for issues that affect those in our community, educate the people of our city on what makes us different and alike, and highlighting the common ground that can bring us all together. Knowledge is power and we intend to be the source of information that provides that in Charlotte. 


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