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Phase V - Financial Literacy

Many families in the U.S. who's income is above the national average still struggle with their finances. Typically this is due to mismanagement of their income. At this phase in the program our participating families are making a minimum of 50% more than ever before. Our Charlotte FORWARD Success Coaches assist them with the management of their funds to ensure that they are headed in the right direction. Our round the clock mentorship provides them with:

Bank Account Creation and Management

Direct Deposit

Formulating a Spending Plan

Savings Account and Expendable Funds Allocation

24/7 assistance and access to their Charlotte FORWARD Success Coach for guidance

Earning a higher income is the first step to ending generational poverty. However, the management of the incremental income is just as important. Our Charlotte FORWARD Families have the proper support to ensure that they are progressing upward in the economic ladder. 

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