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To drive equity and equality for all in Charlotte, NC.


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Queen City Unity is a major resource for other non-profits in the community. We partner with other organizations in order to help drive their mission. If they are in need of helping hands, we are there. Our Unity Ambassadors devote their time towards participating in events hosted by partner non-profits in an effort to help them achieve their community goals. We also host our own charitable activities to ensure the betterment of those in our communities. We are certain that we can unite the Queen City, one charitable act at a time. 

Queen City Unity leads community programs that drive equity and equality in our city. Programs such as Charlotte Forward and the Equity Ambassador Program help create sustainable lives and bridge the gaps of division in Charlotte. These programs focus on improving the capability of economic upward mobility for families of color, and integrating the diverse youth attending Charlotte area schools. We also host community events like The Charlotte UNITE Festival. We believe that by bringing our community together, experiencing each others cultures, and celebrating diversity, we can begin to create a sense of oneness in the Queen City. 


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